Methane Returns to Finland


       Above Methane and Cryonic Temple members looking for a music store in Helsinki we found a bar .

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2017 Tour Dates

Methane is getting ready to pack its gear for 3 nights of metal, beer drinking and beard banging. This is our third trip over the Baltic Sea . In this issue we want to show you Finland how we know it!     Kippis!

For us, living in Sweden to get to Finland, means taking the ferry. A 24 hour one way trip across The Baltic Sea. Ferries go everyday and they are a popular trip to take with casinos and bars , pretty much a floating party.


         Our first gig in Finland was spring 2016 on our  tour with Cryonic Temple called “Northern Thunder”. The club was called Bar Loose in Helsinki. An awesomely decorated bar with portraits of rock gods adorning the walls, with the stage in the basement. We played with Bloodride and Humangod from Helsinki. The bar was open untill 4 AM and the bands were done playing by midnight just to give you a hint of how we felt the next morning.

From l-r Tim with our friend’s Satu Ristilä and Santtu Kaskela/ with  Bloodride / Jimi inside the Bar Loose / Live @Bar Loose


            Last time we were out, we played the HMH festival 10. Methane won the chance to play through fan voting. Nanda and company showed us a great time and put on a very professional well organized event. Originally from Spain, started in 2006, The Heavy Metal Heart Festival now takes place in Helsinki Finland Methane had the honor to play at the indoor festival’s 10th anniversary edition with Battle Beast as the headlining band.

(Left) Methane @Bar Bakkari ( Right) Tim with organizer Nanda Halberg-Cano (Bottom)Live @Heavy Metal Heart 10

2017 Tour Dates


At the Heavy Metal Heart Festival we also finally met Sami and Kaisa Sundqvist in person from Finnish Heavy Metal Fans Facebook Network. Sami interviewed us before the show (video below). FHMF is in our opinion the life blood of the Finnish metal scene, with 22k members the page has a concert calander, album reviews,  radio show and is constantly promoting metal 24/7.

(Left) Santtu Kaskela and Sami Sundqvist (Right) Sami Sundqvist interviews Methane

Santtu Kaskela is also a huge metal supporter and is both an admin for FHMF

Metal Heads Foreverand also does a lot of work for, Metalheads Forever  one of Facebooks largest metal communties. He also writes for Metal Heads Forever Magazine , who recently published a review of The Devil’s Own (read here)We met Santtu on our first trip out , he gave Tim a shot of some black tar and said this is what men in Finland drink. It went down anyway with a harsh bite, its called salmiakkikossu. It was kind of like someone burnt the sambuca. But a Finnish favorite so ” when in Rome ..”

Methane interveiw with Metalheads Forever 2016

All good things come to an end, but the fun doesn’t have to end. After a 24 hour boatride to Helsinki , hanging out in town during the day, a soundcheck and dinner to play a 40 minute set, hanging out with friends and watching Battle Beast . We drag our asses back to the boat at 10 in the morning , none of us in any shape to drive, On the way home we met up with a Finnish couple, one of which will be our sound tech/beer taster on our tour this June. Get used to this guy’s face, Panu will be responsible for Methane’s sound on stage,


We are now on our way back! We can’t wait to meet  you ugly mother fuckers in June!

Click here for tour dates and information .


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